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Friday, June 25, 2010

Votum pro Friday--Pro Patientia

Votum pro Friday--Pro Patientia
(Prayer for Friday--For Patience)

(Latin Text)

O Propitius Matris Dea,
EGO sum no ex Vestri viscus
quod Vos teneo mihi melior quam
EGO teneo myself.

Vos agnosco cavum quod preoccupo,
quod sollicitudo.

Succurro mihi, Matris Dea,
tempero illa affectus,
quod succurro mihi converto illa
validus sensus in pacis quod diligo
Plurimus Propitius Dea, Matris of Veneficus.

EGO gratias ago Vos huic donum
quod diligo quod spes
Docui mihi, O Matris Dea,
professio of tolerance quod patientia
quod succurro mihi ut vita problems
fio quoque difficilis perfero.

Sic mote is exsisto.


JesusFreak said...

I'm really curious as to your personal beliefs. I am (as you may guess from the subtlety of my profile name) a Christian, but having grown up in a sheltered Christian home (right in the middle of ye olde Bible Belt), I don't have a whole lot of knowledge about Wicca beliefs, practices, etc. Please don't think that I'm going to slap you o'er the face with Jesus--aggressive evangelism is not what I'm about. But I am a curious young blogger who is interested to hear your beliefs. Feel free to ignore or chastise me as you will.

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