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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hello and Blessed Be

Hello and blessed be everyone.

I apologise for my even longer absence from the blog, but I have been very busy. I am still working on my books to be published, and have just recently started another one.

I also have some new kittens. My cat, Sweetpea, had 7 baby kittens on March 22, and they will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. They are absolutely beautiful and all of them look like their momma except 1.

I am also working on getting my own home business started. I am going to start a psychic reader shop out of my home to earn some extra money to put toward opening my own Pagan/Wiccan store.

I just finished redecorating my den and am getting ready to start redecorating my office. My home office will be my 'psychic reader room for now. Once I am able to open my own shop, I will perform the readings from there.

I am also working on some new material to start posting on the blog, and I will be updating and re-doing my website soon, as well, and that will most likely take up a lot of my time from the blog for a while, as the website will be tied in with the blog and vice verse.

Also, I will be going out of town soon, and that will mean another absence from the blog and the website, as I am hosting a Wiccan camping trip for my ladies coven. That will last, most likely, for a month, as it is to help us all get back in tune and alligned with Nature and our Goddess. I am not sure when we are taking our trip, yet, though, as we have not decided on a date, but it will be most likely in June or July.

Hope everyone is doing good, and all is well with you all. I am doing much better (physically) and sustained no permanant damage to any nerves or muscles. I am completely well, now, fully recovered, and I feel great!

Everyone have a great week ahead and stay safe. I will be back online soon--I hope.

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