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Monday, October 13, 2008

'Thought for the Day'--Respecting Our Anger


All the posts in this particular secion titled 'Thought for the Day' comes from a wisdom deck that I picked up at (in all places) a thrift store for $.50 cents. Not a bad find actually. The deck is titled, 'Words of Wisdom for Women Who Do Too Much' by Anne Wilson Schaef, and before I decided to share these cards with you all, I went through and read each one, and I must say now that I am very excited about sharing them with you all, and I hope that you will all find them to be very helpful in the coming days that I post them.

There are 50 cards in this deck, and I will be sharing each one with you every chance I get to post.


Today, we begin our 'thought-of-the-day' with these words of wisdom about respecting our anger. What we all must remember about our anger in our daily lives is this:

"When we respect our anger and deal with it, we discover doors into our inner being that weren't obvious to us before".

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