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Friday, September 12, 2008

Coming Soon to My Blog--Starts Monday

I have this book that I purchased last week titled 'The Magical Power of the Saints' by Reverend Ray T. Malbrough. I find it to come in quite handy for certain specific magical practices and small simple spells.

Starting Monday, I will begin to post different Saints that can be used each day in our magical lives.

Stay tuned for these new items to be added to the Libri Umbra (Book of Shadows).

Blessed be and have a great weekend everyone.


Draven said...

I have one of his books off the top of my head though I cant remember the name of it... Ive never used it for anything... I did meet him a long time ago at a witches ball in pa with silver raven wolf, not a very friendly person, then again he and another man were wondering what was under my husbands kilt lol...Looking foward to your posts...

Hecate RavenMoon said...

Oh my, that doesn't sound good! LOL! Did you or your husband ask him what he was looking for? That would have got his goat.

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