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Friday, September 12, 2008

A Brief Message

Good morning and blessed be everyone,
I am just writing you all this brief message to apologise for not posting anthing yesterday. Yesterday was my first day back to work from my vacation and by the time I got home I was too tired to post anything. :(

However, I am off tomorrow so tonight, I will be able to stay up late and catch up with all your blogs and post some of my own topics.

Have a great weekend everyone and see you tonight.


earth and sun folk said...

i look forward to hearing what you've been up to! hope you have a beautiful day...

moon bat said...

Dear Hecate RavenMoon,

I have just replaced my previous nickname "Murcielago", difficult to learn and to understand for English speakers, with "Moon Bat", its English translation. I hope it works.

Nice music: Andean flute & Tennessee birds?

Queen Vixen said...

I think its amazing that you blog everyday. No need to apologise for missing out once. I could do with blogging a bit more!

Caroline said...

No worries! Can't wait for your next post. Your Goddess Hathor post has changed my life! Yes, I am open to receive!!

Meow said...

Hello Hecate,

I too have been very irregular since the last ten days or so for some reason.I hope I manage to again post something everyday & read your posts as well.

Love & Luck always,

Hecate RavenMoon said...

Blessings to each one of you. Thank you for your understanding.

I am now working on my newest posts for today.

Please stand by.


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