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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Been a while, but I am back now.

Blessed be everyone.

I know I have been away from my blog for a few days, but I was just busy trying to catch up on some crocheting.

I am trying to organize my time better so that I will have time for both the blog and my crocheting.

Hope you all are having a great week. I know I am! I am taking my first vacation in 3 years. YIPPEEE!!


Jenger said...

Oh, what are you crocheting? I am totally in between projects at the time.

Hecate RavenMoon said...

I am working on a tablecloth and an afghan. I am using the ombre color of 'gemstone' for the afghan. It is really pretty.

The tablecloth is red.

Jenger said...

I am wanting to knit up a Tree of Life Afghan out of a nice off white acrylic blend with some green in it. Right now I think that I am going to crochet an afghan out of black, blue, and purple. My MIL ran across a box of red heart stuff at a garage sale.

Hecate RavenMoon said...

Yeah, I love Red Heart brand yarn. It is all I use, except for the crochet string for doillies and tableclothes.

Jenger said...

I really don't use it unless it is gifted to me. Most of the items I make are out of wool or cotton. I have started playing with spinning bamboo. It came out quite nice. There is something about the texture of read heart tha causing my hands to cramp up severely.

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