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Monday, September 8, 2008

Basic Spell Worksheet

Blessed be.
Here is the basic spell worksheet that I use quite often, too.
Use this as a guideline and feel free to add to it and print it out for your own personal journals.


Basic Spell Worksheet

Purpose / Intent:______________________________________

Associations for intent:_________________________________

Elemental Association (Air/East, South/Fire, Water/West, Earth/North) ____________________________________________________

Cast a circle

Call Watchtowers / Elements

Light incense

Light candles

Sprinkle salt water

Athame to earth

Light Goddess/God candles

Call in Goddess/God

Cleanse self if required; purification of items.

Recite chant or work the magick. At this time make potions, candle magick, spells, brews, oils and any other things you will need.

Spell / Incantation / Chant _____________________________________________________

Thank deities ? close circle. Close watchtowers.. extinguish candles.

Incense Association: _________________________________________

Herbal Association: _________________________________________

Bath salts or bathing: ________________________________________

Oil Association: ________________________________________

Colour Association (i.e. Candle):___________________________
Tools Required/Suggested ________________________________________________
Chakra?s if used: ______________________________________________________

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