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Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Goddess Shrine Blessing

I love to honor the Goddesses during the various times prescribed to them. Each Goddess has a specific day (or days) set aside just for them. You can find many of these days in the book titled 'Everyday Wicca' by Gerina Dunwich (see pages 30-44 for a list of Gods, Goddesses and days).

I set my altar up for a specific Goddess using the various correspondences for Her, and I then chant the following blessing to empower Her shrine:

"Per orbis terrarum ut est Suus somes, per aer ut est Suus spiritus, per incendia of Suus perspicuus phasmatis, per unda of Suus victus uterus, Ego molior is shrine in nomen of _____________"--(here, insert the name of the Goddess you choose).

This makes for a simple, yet powerful and lovely dedication to your particular Goddess of Whom you have made a special, sacred 'shrine' or altar to.

Blessed be.

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