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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Goddess Bless!

This was such a beautiful article, that I Just had to share it with you all. I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I did.
Have a great week, everyone.


From "Goddess Bless!: Divine Affirmations, Prayers, and Blessings" by Sirona Knight
Posted by: DailyOM
The Celtic Goddess, Anu (Danu), represents the energies of manifestation, fertility, and prosperity. She is a Mother Goddess closely associated with the land. Two breast-shaped mountains in County Kerry in Western Ireland are called “Dá Chích Anann,” translated as “the paps of Anu.” Anu is known to be one of the Dea Matronae of Ireland, and in the night sky she appears as Llys Don, more commonly known as the constellation Cassiopeia. She is also known as the Goddess Aine, to whom fires were lit on Midsummer’s Eve, and who was the guardian of cattle, a symbol of wealth in Celtic society.

Anu can help you create more wealth and abundance in your life when you fashion something creative from the elements around you. In gardening, this means taking a seed, putting it in soil, giving it water and light, and watching it grow. The seed is your intention or idea of what you would like to create. The water and light reflect your desire and efforts in the process. For example, one of your efforts is doing the affirmations in this book for prosperity. Merging with the Goddess ignites the divine element in the formula, and makes it all happen!

Goddess, today I ask for your blessings
So that my garden will grow abundant
From the fruits of my labors
And the grace of your divine hand.
By the Lady, blessed be!

Great Goddess Anu, I pray and ask that your blessings of prosperity and abundance be bestowed upon me and those I love. Thank you for your divine gifts. Ayea!

Before doing the following affirmations, think about your opinions on prosperity and abundance, which are different for each person. Prosperity and abundance must work naturally into your life in order to come in at all. The water is fine, but before you dive in, I suggest that you test out the temperature on things like a new house in a new town or a new profession. Check things out first. Try to form a clear picture of what you want, and then make certain that you really want it.

I ask for and receive abundance and prosperity every day. As my inner light shines brighter, positive energy flows through me, and I can feel the helping hand of the Goddess.

I enjoy tapping into the divine boundlessness of universal abundance. I savor the moment like a fine meal, knowing as one moment ends, another begins, making my life a exquisite adventure.

Today and every day, I invite and accept the overflowing abundance and love of the Goddess into my life.

I have the natural Goddess-given power to attract prosperity and success into my daily life, easily and effortlessly, freely and abundantly.

Three faces of Anu are Earth Ana, Moon Ana, and Sun Ana, translating back into those garden ideas of earth, water, and light and magical ideas of intention, desire, and merging. This powerful three-step affirmation technique can be successfully used by everyone.
1. Write on the back of your business card, or on a 3x5 index card, the words, “Goddess Bless! I am so happy that I am ______________.” You fill in the blank with your goal, which might be to establish a schedule for financial independence; to secure one new contract a month; to meet one new client every day; to attract prosperity through good works; or to help yourself and others live more abundant lives by doing what you love to do.

2. Carry the card with you during the day. Read it over three times to yourself. Better yet, read it out loud, if possible, five times during the day: 1) upon awakening, 2) at breakfast, 3) at lunch, 4) at dinner, and 5) just before you go to sleep. Do this for a week. Then try it for a month, a few months, a year, and then, continuously throughout your life.

3. You will discover the more you do this and the more you become one with the statement on the card, the faster your goals will manifest in your life.

The Ancient Runes of the Goddess

The Runes are powerful, ancient Norse symbols that can be used to connect with the Goddess. The power of the first rune of the Norse Elder Futhark, Fehu, can be used to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. It is the eldest rune, and looks either like the horns of a cow or two arms reaching skyward in what is called the Goddess stance.

In Norse mythology, Fehu is associated with both the Norse Aesir, the deities of humankind, and the Vanir, the deities of nature. More specifically, the feminine side of this rune relates to the Goddess Freya and her mother the Goddess Nerthus. These women represent fertility and the natural wealth of the Earth Coming directly out of the creation of the universe, Fehu’s power is raw archetypal energy. It is the power of motion and expansion. In Norse mythology, this force flows from Muspelheim, the southern world of flames. It acts as the source of the cosmic fire, from which Midgard, our human world, was created. Interestingly, the cosmic fire illustrated by Fehu not only represents creation but also destruction, again reflecting the energetic polarities inherent in things, including personal prosperity.

Throughout the history of humankind, Goddesses of abundance such as Freya have often shown their generous nature by answering affirming prayers. There have been many times in my life when I have needed money to pay unexpected bills, and the Goddess has been there to help me again and again.

Great Goddess Freya, I pray you
Please help me to ask for what I truly want
Help me to take decisive action
Grant me persistence and patience
Give me strength and confidence in myself
Help me joyfully attain my goals
Help me to build loving relationships
Show me how to create a healthier balance
Show me the larger picture
And help me to live with purpose
I ask this in the name of the Goddess Freya,
So be it! Blessed be!

May the divine abundance of the blessed Mother Goddess be with me, and those I love, now and forever more. Goddess bless us and protect us. Blessed be!

Great Goddess, I pray you
Please bless me with your divine gifts of abundance
I am you as you are She and together we are One.
By the Lady, blessed be!

The original meaning of Fehu derives from cattle, which originally meant mobile wealth and the power that came from it. Today, mobile wealth comes in the form of money, which buys goods that can be bartered and sold.

In the early Goddess cultures such as the Norse and the Celtic, cattle were kept and milked, thus providing a constant source of food. Cattle could also be sold or bartered for other goods and killed for meat. Their hides could be used for clothing, their bones and horns for tools, and their fat for candles.
The first letter of the Hebrew, Greek, and Gothic alphabets also means cattle, illustrating the importance of these animals in the lives of people living in these early societies. Cattle came to symbolize wealth and fertility. Because of this, Goddesses of abundance often have a bovine connection or aspect to them.

You can harness the abundant power of these Goddesses through affirmations, prayers, and blessings.

Goddess, who is all things to all people
Grant me your blessing
So that I might know what abundance is
Now and forever more.

I am thankful for the money that the Goddess provides, plenty of money to support and sustain me.

The divine love of the Goddess uplifts me every moment of every day. Her loving presence helps me attain remarkable success and prosperity.

Today and every day, I imagine myself working toward goals that produce wonderful results.
I perceive myself as a successful and prosperous person.

Akin to the concept of the Mother Goddess, the F-rune, Fehu, rules the basic force of fertility, containing the mystery of both creation and destruction. From the primordial fires come the waters of life. From the fertility of the land comes the breath of the divine. These extremes, creation and destruction, are the polarities that, like wealth, can either create or destroy, depending upon the situation.

Fehu defines a mobile form of energy closely related to the Germanic concept of “hamingia,” which translates as good luck and guardian spirit. The “hamingia” is an energy projected from a person like that of the astral body. As an energy force, Fehu embodies the directed, expansive power that moves energy outward from people and objects. This power manifests when you do affirmations, prayers, and blessings.

Besides the horns of cow, the two lines on the F-rune extending upward also look like a person with his or her hands raised and outstretched. This is traditionally called the Goddess position and is used by priests and priestesses for prayers and blessings. In this way, Fehu symbolizes communing with the Goddess, where a person’s field of intention moves outward (and inward) into the many dimensions of Oneness.
The energy of the F-rune is the unbridled creative fire that has no boundaries and no real structure or form. This energy intimidates some people because of its uncontrollable nature. But if you merge with the Fehu energy and become One with it, you receive a great burst of creative fire that can be used to create more abundance and prosperity in your life. For more ways to use runes for affirmation and prayer, plus runic correspondences to the Goddesses, please refer to my book, The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Runes (Sterling Press).

Do this next affirmation at half-past noon, the time traditionally associated with Fehu. Like the “Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum” spoken by the giant in the tale “Jack and the Beanstalk,” the chant of this affirmation is also based on an ancient runic song called the “Galdr.”

Fehu, Fehu, Fehu
Fu, fa, fi, fe, fo
Energize each part of my body,
Fehu, Fehu, Fehu
Fa, fi, fe, fo, fu
Enlighten each part of my mind,
Fehu, Fehu, Fehu
Fi, fe, fo, fu, fa
Bless each part of my spirit
So that I may have an abundant life
And know the divine light of the Goddess.

The Sisters of Destiny

In the Norse Tradition, the Norns are the three sisters who control the destiny of everyone and everything. The first sister, Urd, creates patterns by taking energy from the divine and handing it to the second, Verdandi, who then begins to weave it into physical matter. Verdandi hands the weave to Sculd who then unravels it and tosses the threads of life back into the abyss of the divine. The Norns move energy the same way as do the Three Fates from classical Greek mythology: from the unmanifested (divine) into the manifested (mortal), and back again into the unmanifested (divine). It’s a never-ending cycle. This is why the Fates are the origin of all Goddesses, and for that matter, all life.

In terms of prosperity and abundance, the Norns represent the source and flow of all creation, including any type of wealth and good fortune. These divine women are three of the most powerful Goddesses that you can ask for help, guidance, blessing, and protection. The only thing they ask of you is that you be completely and utterly honest when you are working with them.

Three sisters,
Administrators of my fate,
I ask for your blessings
So that my life will always be abundant.

Dear Goddesses of Fate, bless me
May I be happy and mindful
Dear Goddesses of destiny, guide me
May I care for myself with joy
Dear Goddesses of destiny, protect me
Please keep me safe
Dear Goddesses of destiny, love me
May I learn from your wisdom
Dear Goddesses of Fate, bless me
Now and forever more.

The Three Fates epitomize the saying “if it was meant to be, it will be.” Unlike the “grab them by the balls, and their minds and hearts will follow” philosophy, the Fates suggest that we all have a personal destiny, a special purpose in life to fulfill while we are here in physical form upon the Earth.
When you follow your calling into your deepest desires and into what you really feel is right for you in your heart and head, you will find that life is more satisfying, exciting, and joyful. Don’t just settle for life, live it to its fullest!

May the Goddess weave wealth, abundance, and love into my life today and every day. By the Lady, blessed be!

Thank you, Goddess, for opening the doors to opportunity for me. Now that they are opened, I am successfully working toward my goals.

Great Lady, help me to continually exceed the expectations of my clients (customers). May I serve others gently, with love, wisdom, and compassion. So be it. Blessed be!

My goals are aligned with a well-defined sense of purpose. I enjoy peace of mind and a wonderful feeling of being alive and in step with destiny.

With the guiding light of the Goddess, my life’s purpose becomes clear and my life has rich meaning.

By the grace of the Fates, I live my life to its fullest. I weave my goals, like brilliant threads, into the fabric of life, and I easily attain them through wise and diligent effort.

By the Lady, I now have the energy, wisdom, time, and enough money to fulfill my deepest desires.

With the helpful hand of the Goddess, I am gathering the skills and like-minded colleagues to help me make my dreams come true right now.

The Many Faces of Abundance

An ancient Egyptian Goddess who existed in predynastic times, Hathor, was identified with many local Goddesses. In a sense, all the Goddesses were Hathor in one form or another. She is a Goddess of abundance with many powerful faces: Sky-Goddess, Sun-Goddess, Moon-Goddess, Goddess of the east, Goddess of the west, Goddess of moisture, fertility Goddess, agricultural Goddess, and a Goddess of the Underworld.

Hathor also has many names. She is called the Mistress of Life, the Great Wild Cow, the Golden One, the Mistress of Tur-quoise, and the Lady of Dendera, as well as the Lady of Punt, the Powerful One, the Mistress of the Desert, and Lady of the Southern Sycamore. Because of this, she is also called the Seven Hathors. Traditionally worshipped in the seven cities of Thebes, Heliopolis, Aphroditopolis, Sinai, Momemphis, Herakleopolis, and Keset, the Seven Hathors are linked to the Pleiades.

In one Egyptian myth, when the hero is born, the Seven Hathors, who disguise themselves as seven young women, appear and announce his fate. This is not only a matter of fortune-telling, as the Seven Hathors also act as questioners of the soul on its way to the Land of the West. You can use the following seven-versed prayer to bring the Hathor’s power into your daily life.

Dear Goddess, bless us
May we be happy and prosperous
Dear Goddess, guide us
May we care for ourselves with joy
Dear Goddess, help us
May we attain our deepest desires
Dear Goddess, protect us
May we be safe from harm
Dear Goddess, teach us
May we learn from your wisdom
Dear Goddess, love us
May we feel your love every moment
Dear Goddess, bless us
Now and forevermore.

As with the Celts and the Norse, the Egyptians also perceived cattle as a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Because of this, Hathor is depicted as a woman with cow’s horns with the sun between them, or as a beautiful woman with cow’s ears, or as a cow wearing the sun disk between her horns.
In her role as a Goddess of fertility and moisture, Hathor is associated with the Dog Star, Sirius, whose rising above the horizon heralded the annual flooding of the Nile. She is often depicted as a nurturer and is said to be the divine mother of the Pharaoh.
You can use the power of affirmation and prayer to access Hathor’s divine energy.

Today, I choose to dwell on thoughts of love, peace, and harmony. May the Powerful One help me to acknowledge and express my power of choice moment by moment, and to keep my mind turned in a positive, peaceful, and productive direction.

Mistress of Life, Golden One,
Goddess of the West and East,
Hear me now, divine Lady,
Please grant me wisdom
Please grant me wealth
Please grant me love
May your abundant blessings
Shine upon me and those I love
Now and forevermore.

Besides being a Goddess of motherhood, Hathor is the protectress of pregnant women and patron of all women. As the “Mistress of the Necropolis” she has the head of a cow that protrudes from the side of a mountain. She wears a menat necklace, the symbol of rebirth.

Great Mother, may your fertile and fruitful power now manifest in my life. Thank you for your kind generosity. Blessed be!

Today and every day, may the loving and fertile presence of the Goddess work through me to bring resolution to all money matters in my life, and to help me discover personal success and prosperity.

Abundance Begins at Home

The Roman Goddess Vesta is strongly associated with fire. In fact, she is fire, and in turn, fire is Vesta. In her temple on the Palatine Hill, the sacred fire of the Roman state burned continually, only extinguished and relit once a year on March 1, the beginning of the Roman year. Vesta’s sacred festival was the Vestalia, held from June 7 to June 15. On the first day of the festival, barefoot women brought offerings of food baked on their hearths. On the last day of Vestalia, the temple was ritualistically cleansed, thus renewing the energy for another year.

Vesta is a Goddess of the hearth and home. In ancient Rome, this made her the central divinity of the family. She was honored as Goddess of motherhood, and as such, viewed as a symbol of the continued renewal of the family and the people.

Thank you, Lady, for your gifts of food, clothing, and shelter, for helping me have a happy home and to live a comfortable and prosperous life. May you always bless me with your abundance.

Mother Goddess, I ask that your abundant and loving nature manifest within my life, each and every day. As I will, so shall it be. Blessed be!

I feel the creative fire of the Goddess fueling my deepest desires and helping me attain my personal goals.

The green fire of the Goddess fills me with brilliant abundance and prosperity.

The fire in Vesta’s temple, which symbolized the Roman state, was tended by the vestals: young women between the ages of six and ten chosen from the finest of Rome’s elite families. The vestals came into the service of the Goddess in childhood and took a vow of virginity and service for thirty years. When a vacancy occurred in the college of vestals, a new girl was chosen, and admitted with the words, “I take you; you shall be the priestess of Vesta, and you shall fulfill the sacred rites for the safety of the Roman people.”

Dear Goddess, I ask that you bless and guide me and those I love every day. Please help us live long and fruitful lives. Blessed be, Great Provider!

By the grace of the Goddess, I am helping as many people as I can during my lifetime in a way that significantly improves their lives.

The divine light of the Goddess shines within me. Each and every day, I share her brilliance with everyone I meet.

At One with the Laws of Nature

Artemis is a Greek Goddess of fruitful abundance. Called the “Lady of the Beasts,” she is the huntress who protects animals, and as such, represents the primal instincts of animals. She is also a tree, a bear, and the moon. She symbolizes a woman moving through the cycles of life. She is ruler of the nymphs and represents the instinct to live, produce, and reproduce, signifying the laws of nature rather than the laws of society. The laws of nature are as ancient and everlasting as the Goddess herself.

I live in accordance with the laws of nature
Which came into being with the creation of the Goddess
She, who is all things, both the Sun and Moon
She, whose body is that from which we all draw life.

The Goddess empowers me.
My work empowers me,
I empower those around me.
Blessed be!

Goddess of abundance,
Let every seed I plant grow fruitful
Blessed and protected by your light
Let my garden grow from one year to the next
Renewed each year by the your divine spirit
By the Lady, blessed be!
The Goddess of Compassion
and Generosity

Ezili is a Haitian Goddess who is generous to the point of extravagance. She goes by many names: Ezili Ge-Rouge, the fury of a scorned woman; Maitresse, the femme fatale who grieves at the inability of the world to conceive beyond reality and to desire beyond adequacy; and Ezili Freda Dahomey, the virgin who looks at the experience of life with freshness.

Ezili’s symbols include a heart, roses, jewelry, and flamingoes. She represents luxury, sensuality, and generosity, and likes offerings of perfume, creme de cacao, champagne, and sweet foods. She is bountiful, capable, compassionate, and a protector of children and the less fortunate.

Lady of roses,
Your spirit is dear to me
I love your fragrant smile
And your priceless love.

The Great Lady provides plenty of money for all the things I need. I intend to be financially independent in __________ years. I will earn _________ dollars this year. So be it!

Today I share my abundance with those I love. I feel the capable and compassionate power of the Goddess filling and refreshing me.

With the helping hand of the Goddess, I am attaining my heartfelt goals each and every day.
Physical and Spiritual Abundance
The Hindu Goddess Lakshmi embodies all forms of wealth. Her essence is in jewels, in rare shells, in every child born to welcoming parents, and particularly in cows. A mythological tale conveys how she sprang up from the ocean adorned with necklaces and pearls. She symbolizes not only the wealth of the Earth but also the wealth of the soul, signifying the delights of spiritual prosperity and how the physical and spiritual are balanced together.

In Hindu spirituality, male energy tends to be passive and abstract, distant and powerless, unless activated by the feminine. Lakshmi’s mate, Vishnu, only has the power to maintain and enrich life when she inspires it. Existing through all of time, and floating before the dawn of creation on a lotus, Lakshmi is also called Padma, “lotus-Goddess,” the lotus being a symbol of spiritual enlightenment.

The following affirmations can be used to attract more wealth and spiritual abundance into your life.

Newfound abundance and prosperity from the lotus Goddess are flowing effortlessly into my life today and every day.

With the helping hand of the Lady, I work through the difficulties, challenges, and problems along the way. In doing so, I create a path for spiritual abundance and wealth to flow into my life.

Thank you, Goddess, for helping me learn from my failures, and for giving me the strength and insight to leave them in the past. Thank you, Goddess, for helping me to build upon my strengths and successes and for giving me the ability to bring newfound abundance into my life right now.

I enjoy each facet of the work that I do. Every day I draw the spiritual abundance of the many-jeweled Goddess into my life by doing what I love with passion and excellence.

With the grace of the Goddess, I inspire and empower people to live their highest vision with love, harmony, and joy.

I am thankful that every day, another divine opportunity comes my way.

By the Lady’s hand, I willingly give to others in need.

With the divine love of the Lady and a happy heart, I focus on what I do best, and do it very well indeed.

I invite the opportunities and divine gifts that complement and expand my greatest strengths into my life right now.

At my core, I feel I matter and make a difference in the world. I feel the wisdom and love of the Goddess guiding and inspiring me each and every day.

Tonight and every night, I am at peace with myself and those around me. I am in harmony with the universe. My life is filled with the loving abundance of the divine Goddess. I know we are One.

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