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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Your Wellspring of Energy

A Stress-Free Home

Sometimes our lives are so busy that we treat our homes as if they were impersonal places that we merely pass through. But we can make certain that our homes truly feel like our sanctuaries by taking the time to tend to them like gardens, which need care in order to offer us the beauty of their blooms.

When we take the time to treat our homes like beloved treasures, we can shift their energy from being merely places to being wellsprings for the replenishment of our energy. Consider that homes are the outer reflections of those who live within.

If we feel that the current appearance clashes with how we’d like to see ourselves, it can keep us from fully allowing our light to shine. Updating our homes to reflect our inner landscape need not involve massive redecorating or a large outlay of money.

Small things can make a big difference, like simply moving items so that we constantly gaze upon the things we love the most, liberating the treasures we’ve hidden in our closets, using our best dishes and making small repairs. Organizing and cleaning is a no-cost way to remove chaos from our homes and introduce more calm.

Lovingly rejuvenating our personal space can become a creative project that increases the flow of good throughout all aspects of our lives and increases our feeling of connection. We can give old things new life by donating them to charity, opening space for newness to enter.

Removing stress from our homes can be as simple as putting o! ur bills into pretty boxes and choosing a specific time to deal with them, or removing clutter so that we and our energy can move freely throughout our space. Simplifying our space lets our imagination and energy roam free.

We can choose to prioritize our homes, making them the true heart of our family’s activities. Then we are free to focus on what really matters—time to ourselves, to share with loved ones, and to replenish our energy so that we have more to share with each other and with the world.


Beautiful Truth said...
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Beautiful Truth said...

I'm seeing a change in my houses energy. My boyfriend used to travel alot and at that point I used to say I love my house and the great energy it had. my house was full of love and peace. Now that he was laid off and hasn't worked for 2 mnth, the energy in my whole house has shifted. He doesn't notice it. I can feel it, I can feel the uncomfortable energy around me. I tried to tell him the other day he took my peace and turned it into a very uncomfortable and unstable place.
Another no, no he comitted, I have two decks of tarot cards. One is only mine for My hands only. The second I use to do readings for others. He just so happend to go into the sacrad box I keep them in and touched them all. I told him he owes me a new deck. Do you understand that? because he thinks Im crazy for that.

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