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Monday, March 17, 2008

Wiccan Ethics

Ethics play a very important part in Wiccan practice, because of the personal responsibility each Wiccan is expected to hold.

Each person must form their own ethical belief system and do their best to adhere to it.

The Wiccan Rede, the Law of Three, and the Golden Rule, all help set some guidelines, but as the modern world is full of compromises and contradictions, each person must think actively about which compromises and contradictions are acceptable and which are not.

Each Wiccan builds their own ethical code. In practice there are many areas where most Wiccans tend to agree.

The active exploration of ethics and values is on-going throughout a Wiccan's life. It is an integral part of the Great Work which results in self-betterment.

The Wiccan Rede is the most basic and profound of the Wiccan ethics for it plainly states--' as long as it harms no one, do what you want '.


Beautiful Truth said...

These Ethics also apply even if your not Wiccan.

Hecate RavenMoon said...

That is absolutely true.

The Wiccan ethics, however, I feel go a little bit deeper when applied to the Craft, because there is so much more involved with the Wiccan religion than the Christian religion.

Christias do not cast spells and perform rituals that contain elements of 'magickal' pracice.

In Wicca/Witchcraft these ethics serve a greater meaning to what the Witch does in her practice of Witchcraft and magick. Which is where the 'Wiccan Rede', etc come into play.

The Witch must make certain that the rituals she performs and the spells she casts will not cause any harm to any person etc when it done. Hence--'and it harm none, do what you will'. Meaning, as long as your spells and rituals will not cause any harm to anyone else, cast all the spells you want.

But you are right--ethics come into play with all religions. They just go a little bit deeper when it comes to Witchcraft.

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