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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Learning To Trust Divine Guidance

Anyone who has asked for divine guidance knows that it can be challenging to trust it when it comes. This is because divine guidance comes in many forms and it is sometimes hard to locate it.

We aren’t sure if we are meant to trust our thoughts, our feelings, our dreams, or our intuitions to be the carriers of divine wisdom. We are not sure if advice from a friend is the form in which the guidance has come into the world, or if our own opinion is the source of wisdom we need to take seriously.

The ability to sort all this out comes with trial and error, and the best way to learn to recognize divine guidance is to engage in the process of asking and receiving. Sometimes when we ask for guidance, we already have a sense of what we want to hear. At such times, receiving guidance can be difficult, because we don’t want to hear anything that appears to be in opposition to our desire.

Therefore, one of the most important qualities we need to cultivate if we are to receive guidance is an open mind. It helps to acknowledge what we want, and then to symbolically set it aside, making room for whatever wisdom comes through to us. Cultivating an active relationship with the divine is the essential ingredient to being able to receive and trust guidance when it comes our way.

We can make a daily practice of this by using a set of runes, a deck of cards, or a pendulum. We can also use our journals, developing a relationship with the divine through the written word. As we request and receive guidance, we might take notes on our experiences. Over time we will begin to recognize when we were able to hear correctly and when we were not.

In this way, we will gradually attune ourselves to our particular relationship with the divine. Begin to trust the guidance you are receiving and soon you will find it flowing with ease.


Beautiful Truth said...

I could not agree with you more. But at the same token people will not trust themselves. I have always had this gift of seeing things before they happen but for some reason it only has to do with weather events. But as I start to trust my own self more the more I start to see. The more intune I am with my self the more I see.

I also was wondering why you have not said anything on the great awakening that is taking place right now.

Hecate RavenMoon said...

I am afraid that I am slightly 'out-of-the-loop' on that.

I don't get much time for the internet or other things because of my job.

Before I can comment on this, please enlighten me.

Thank you.

Beautiful Truth said...

come post a comment on my page so I can get your email. I will send you some websites you might find interesting. So that way we dont have to keep having conversations through your comments.

I look into everything, I have studied every religion, every spiritual group there is. I don't personally claim any but I am very intuned & spiritual.

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