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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fellowship of the earth

What is Fellowship of the Earth

Fellowship of the Earth IS:A congregation of the Universal Life Church.Dedicated to those who follow Earth Spirituality.Proud of our cultural and spiritual diversity.Educating for spiritual awareness and growth.Providing a community network of those with similar beliefs.Celebrating the Earth and Her seasons. Promoting kinship and respect for all.

FOTE mainly functions as a local group of Pagan's who have come together through similar beliefs. While most of our activity is locally oriented, we do work with other orgranizations in the Pagan and greater community within and outside of our area. Through this website we offer anyone, anywhere, access to available resources.

Whether it's sharing experiences and informaiton on our message board, or contributing to our "Fight the Fear" Purple Ribbon Campaign, people everywhere are invited to be a part of FOTE no matter where they live. If you are fortunate enough to live within our local community area, you can join us in person for our monthly meetings and seasonal events.

If you live further away, you are invited to be a part of FOTE by contributions to the website, or financial contributions directly to the group. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps us to continue to assist other organizations and sustain our needs.

Our current focus includes our Low Power FM radio station, KQRP 106.1 FM in Salida, California. We are also involved with Food Not Bombs and Ceres Community Outreach Church to help feed and clothe the homeless/poor in our communities.

We host a dinner once a month for the area homeless and contribute donations of bikes, camping gear, coats, food and other necessities. to Food Not Bombs and CCOC on a regular basis.

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